2021/22 Season - Burnley FC Single Sign-On & Season Ticket FAQs

Frequent questions regarding your new account, linking club accounts and other useful information about season ticket renewals and refunds

Every season ticket holder has a Clarets number and an online ticketing account. We need you to activate and link this account and enable your 'Single Sign-On'. You will then be granted access to the ticketing website, retail website and Clarets+, all in one place. You will need to do this before you renew your season ticket for the 2021/22 season.

You can create and set up an account by using a Social Sign-In (different to a Social Sign-On - please see next paragraph), or enter your own email and password of your choice.

For Social Sign-In, click on the Facebook or Google icon in the registration page. Depending on whether you are ‘signed in’ to the provider, you may be prompted to sign in and allow permissions. If you are signed in already, your account will be automatically created using the email, forename and surname from the social provider.

If you want to specify your own email and password, follow the link to ‘Create Account’ and enter your details in the page – confirming email and password in the fields provided.

You will then be sent an email with a secure link to click and ‘confirm email’. Click on this link, then sign in with email and password, complete your preferences and your new Burnley account is ready to go.

If you have created and requested to enable an account with your own email and password, we will send you a confirmation email to the email address you provided.

While you wait, you will see the ‘Awaiting Confirmation Email’ page.

When you receive the confirmation email, there will be a secure 'click here' link in the email. You need to click to confirm your email. This will then open up a new browser tab for you to login with your email and password for the first time. This is just to check the email is indeed yours.

Please note: it may take a few seconds or minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox. If you do not receive your email, please follow the next steps:

Troubleshooting advice Check your junk and spam folders - make sure that you did not use any mailbox that could be shared, eg 'info@', 'reception@', 'sales@', as these will not be accepted for your Burnley account.

Add '' to your safe senders list and retry sending the email from the link ‘click here to resend email’ in the ‘Awaiting Confirmation Email’ page.

If you have left the ‘Awaiting Confirmation Email’ page and you want to go back to resend the confirmation email, log in again with your email and password chosen, and as you have not yet confirmed your email, you will see the ‘Awaiting Confirmation Email’ page where you can click the link to resend.

If these steps above do not work, please contact with your email address.

In some cases, the email may be being blocked by your email service provider. We will be able to check this so that you may contact your service provider directly.

Some email clients or systems may deliver the email but ‘disable’ the ability to click on any links in the content.

If you have received the email but cannot click on the link, try adding '' to your ‘safe sender’ list.

Right-click on the email address link and select from options to ‘open hyperlink’, or ‘copy hyperlink’ and paste in to a browser address bar and then press enter on your keyboard to open the link.

To link your ticketing account follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your new Burnley FC account here

If you have already got a Burnley FC account, go to your main profile page and skip to step 6 to update your profile.

If not

2. Register a new account here

3. Fill out your details

4. Confirm your email address

5. Once you have received confirmation of your email, log in to your account

6. Complete your profile details by clicking on the 'Update Profile' link

We require all information on the account, including your date of birth and address, as these are used for determining ticket prices, shipping costs and access to restricted items.

7. Update your club preferences

If you click on all of Burnley FC, this will select all preferences from the list below.

You can untick any preferences that you don't require.

.8. Update third-party preferences

You can tick these if you want to recieve age related promotions on behalf of our carefully selected third-party partners.

9. Link your ticketing account

Click on the 'Linked Accounts' button.

10. Click on the ticketing button

Click this to link your ticketing account.

Make sure you have the Clarets Number and password of your ticketing account that you want to link.

If you have friends and family accounts that you control under the same email address, please make sure that this is the lead account.

11. Your account show now be linked

Your account will now be linked to your ticketing account and you should now use your Burnley FC account to log in via the ticketing website.

What if I can't remember my Clarets Number or the email I have used on my Clarets account (or dont have access to it)?

If you can't remember your Clarets Number, you will find it on your season ticket or any season ticket communications that we've sent to you previously. It will be the six digit number that proceeds the zeros.

If you can't find any of the above, you can enter the email address that you use instead.

If you have never had access your online account or you are still experiencing issues, please email the ticket office to request your account to be 'web-ready'; preferably from the email address you want to use.

Please note: you may need to be contacted by telephone to verify that it is you.

What if I can't remember my ticketing password?

If you can't remember the password for your ticketing account, you can click on the 'Reset my password' link which will prompt you to enter your Clarets Number.

You will recieve a confirmation message that an email has been sent - your email should look like this:

Please click on the link in the email and then enter your new password in the box provided.

You will then receive a confirmation email that it has changed.

You can then go back to step 10 and enter your Clarets Number and new password to link your account.

In the first part of the sales process for renewals (phase 1), we are only allowing you to renew your current seat. This means that the stadium will show as sold out and the ability to choose another seat will not be there.

Please just renew your seat using your "On Account" balance once logged in using your new Burnley FC account.

You can find your On Account balance in the On Account section of the ticketing website.

You can then view and use the balance in here as a payment method when checking out during the sales process to renew your season ticket, or pay for another match ticket product in the future.

If you find you have linked the wrong ticketing account or Clarets Number, you can unlink this and then go through the linking process again using the correct Clarets Number.

This is what the unlinking page looks like:

If you are finding that you are logged in and still can't renew your season ticket, check that you have linked the correct account.

Please check your Clarets Number once more as you must be in the account that you paid monies into in the 2019/20 season.

When on the ticketing website, it will show your name and the Clarets Number of the account that is linked. If this incorrect, follow the instructions on how to unlink your ticketing account, and then link the correct one.

If it is the correct Clarets Number and you are logged and something still does not look correct (an incorrect amount is displayed or an unexpected renewal price is being offered) then email our online team. Please provide screenshots and as much information as possible about your issue.

All supporters have an online account with the club. OnAccount is a new flexible feature which allows supporters to instantly see and manage the monies they have paid to the club. In this instance, all monies paid for 2020/2021 season tickets were uploaded to individual’s accounts.

You can now claim a refund of any monies if required. You can request a refund anytime of day you dont need to wait for the ticket office to be open, or to send to bank deatils or wait on responses from us.

Those supporters who didn’t withdraw any monies from their OnAccount balance will now have the full monies they have paid showing as a payment option for renewing their season tickets for the 2021/2022.

As well as being able to manage your finaces online, you can also:

  • update your details if you move home
  • view ticketing loyalty points
  • add an email address
  • change your home address
  • check your communications preferences
  • add payment cards
  • link friends and family and friends and more without needing to come down to the ticket office.

You will need to take action - please log in to your account to set up the renewal (or to claim a full or part refund to a payment card of your choice if you prefer).

As we are not continuing to collect Direct Debits and link them to the renewals process, like we have in previous seasons, we have had to change the way the renewals are administrated.

We understand that this is change to the 'usual' renewals process, however we must ask supporters if they want to renew their season tickets (as we cannot assume that all that continued to pay the Direct Debit do).

We would also consider that once initiated by the you as a supporter, it gives you the option to manage your own account(s), purchase other matchday tickets, renew season tickets, take an alternative seat, claim a refund and manage your account details - all from the comfort of your home.

Why cant I use a Direct Debit option as a payment choice in the first phase of renewals? Phase 1 of the Early Bird option is for renewals only and is reserved for those supporters who had a 2020/2021 season ticket and are able to make an upfront payment via the online 'OnAccount' balance.

Will you offer a Direct Debit option in phases 2 or 3? There is a huge amount of uncertainty which affects the normal planning for tickets here at Turf Moor.

While we cannot at this time 100% guarantee that a 'normal' Direct Debit option will be available for the 2021/2022 season, we will do everything we can to make sure that there is a suitable 'pay-over-time' option for supporters.

We understand and want to continue to offer you, as our supporters, the most convenient option for you to pay for a season ticket.

Will a season ticket purchase guarantee me that I will attend every match in 2021/2022? Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this at the moment.

As the months go by in the summer and test events are completed at other stadiums in England, we hope there will be clarity for if we can return to full capacity on the first day of the 2021/2022 season.

Indications from the Government do look positive, which is why we have started the season ticket sales process.

If I don't renew my seat on or before the 23rd April 2021 (for Phase 1), will my seat still be offered to me at the frozen price I secured from 2020/2021? To guarentee your frozen price offer, you would need to renew online by the given dates. The seat will revert to the next applicable pricing band after this date.

If I dont renew my seat on or before by the 23rd May (the given deadline date for Phase 2), will I still be able to renew this same seat online after the date? The seat we reserved for you will be released on the 24th May if you choose not to renew in Phase 2. This means it will be available for another supporter to select when seats go on general sale.

I want to swap my seat for 2021/2022 season - what advice would you give? Due to the complex nature of this year’s season ticket sales, we are unable to offer supporters the opportunity to change seats in Phase 1.

If you are registered as a disabled supporter with the club, or need to change seats to meet your accessible needs, please email our accessibility team..

However, if you are not eligible to purchase your season ticket until Phase 2 of the renewals, you will be able to select an alternative seat from the stadium which has not been reserved by a season ticket holder. Your original season ticket will automatically release when the stadium ‘cleardown’ is completed.

How much does a season ticket cost for 2021/2022? We will publish 2021/22 season ticket prices when we move into the next sales phases. Please check back here and we will post the link when finalised.

Will the prices for 2021/2022 season tickets be frozen again? While we are proud to have been able to keep season ticket prices frozen for the past seven seasons, in the current climate we cannot guarantee this will continue. All those that renewed their 2020/2021 season ticket have locked in the frozen price for 2021/2022 for phase 1 renewals.

However, any brand-new sales for the 2021/2022 may have a different pricepoint. This is currently under review.

I’m a disabled supporter with an access requirement - do I follow the same process? Yes - season tickets are available to renew online for all supporters registered as a disabled supporter with the ticket office. For more information on how to register as a disabled supporter, please email Anita Goodenough, our Disability Liaison Officer.

I have a zero-value season ticket (e.g. a personal assistant's ticket). Do I need to do anything to this account? If you hold a complimentary personal assistant's ticket in your name or a disabled supporter's name, we will ask you to confirm this name in due course later on in the year.

We do ask that if you are a disabled supporter and intend not to renew for the 2021/2022 season to please let the ticket office know, so we can put this seat back on sale at the appropriate time.

My personal assistant's ticket is showing a renewal price instead of zero, what should I do? Please email the ticket office and they will look at this for you.

I am not sure I want to renew my season ticket - will you also sell match-by-match seat sales? We do intend to offer a range of options for match-by-match tickets throughout the summer, including hospitality packages if the stadium returns to a full capacity in the 2021/2022 season.

I’m not a season ticket holder this or last season (or I didn’t renew) - when can I purchase a season ticket? All remaining season ticket seats will be released for general sales (in Phase 3 starting on Tuesday 1st June).

Please note: there is still some uncertainty around what attendances would be welcomed back to Turf Moor in 2021/2022. Hence, this date could be subject to change.

How do I renew a season ticket for friends and family (e.g. 1 adult and 2 children under 14)? You will not be able to access the full financial data for someone else's account even if they are linked by friends and family, but you will be able to renew their seat if they are linked to you by the friends and family linking.

Please follow the procedures above to register at least one of the accounts with Single Sign-On and link the accounts via friends and family. You need only log into the Single Sign-On enabled account to renew all of the accounts.

How do I renew a season ticket for friends and family (e.g. 2 adults)? You will not be able to access the full financial data for someone else's account even if they are linked by friends and family, however you will be able to renew their seat if they are linked to you by the friends and family linking.

Please folllow the procedures above to register at least one of the 2 accounts with Single Sign-On and link the other account to you via friends and family. You need only log into the Single Sign-on enabled account to renew both of the accounts. You will be able to see all their OnAccount balances and select them to renew the appropriate season ticket.

If you wish, you can log in seperately for each account to renew their individual seats (this is recomended as you can then manage your own preferences and purchases in the future).

How do I update my details and add an email address to my account? You can do this via your ticketing account login.

I was expecting to see my refund from last season's OnAccount - where can I check my balance? Refunds for the unattended matches from the 2019/20 season were given as TeamCard points (not OnAccount) if you did not request a cash bank transfer at the time. This process was finalised in June 2020.

Your current points balance can be accessed online - you can find out more about how to spend your points at Turf Moor here.

If the 20/21 fixtures schedule is amended to allow a reduced capacity attendance in May 2021, what would be the allocation and application process? If some supporters are able to attend Turf Moor for our final home fixture of the season (subject to Premier League decision and Government guidelines), the most likely scenario would be an application and ballot process.

We will supply further information regarding elibility as/when this develops.

Can I claim a full refund for 2020/21 season ticket payments? Yes, please log in to your 'OnAccount' to view your available funds.

You may need to add a preferred payment card for this to be transferred to. You are able to request a full refund.

I renewed for the 2020/2021 season and withdrew some or all my monies OnAccount as a full refund, I understand I can renew but how do I pay for that renewal? You can renew but you will not be able to use OnAccount as a payment method as there will be no funds available. You will need to pay for your season ticket in full or make up the difference.

In the time of writing (Phase 1 renewals), we are not offering a payment-over-time option, but it is something the club does understand that supporters would prefer as a payment option. If this is launched, we will give full details as to how supporters can sign up to this agreement.

I withdrew all the monies from my OnAccount for the 2020/2021 season. Is my seat secure for the 2021/2022 season for me to renew at the same price? Yes - season ticket holders who renewed for the 2020/2021 season have their seats secured and on reserve for 2021/2022, regardless of whether you took monies from your OnAccount as a refund. The only difference being that you will need to use an alternative payment method to renew as OnAccount won’t be available to you.

The renewal prices will be advertised on your account.

If you have a query regarding the pricing you are being offered (that is you think there is an error), please email the ticket office and provide screenshots where possible.

I have more than one ticket I need to claim a refund for - how do I do this? Each account holder linked to a Clarets Number needs to have a separate login enabled. Once logged in, follow the process outlined above.

We would recommend you link these accounts via the friends and family option which can be found on the right-hand side of the account page once logged in.

I have more than one account but I only want a refund on one of the linked accounts - can I just claim a refund on one? Yes - you just need to make sure that you only select the applicable account balance.

When will I receive my refund? If you have an online profile with the club and choose to take the funds from your ‘OnAccount’, the funds should be with you between 3-5 working days.

If you are not aware of your online profile you may need to reset your details using your Clarets Number and email address. For assistance please email the ticket office.

Can I leave the monies OnAccount if I am not sure if I want to renew or refund? Yes you can - it can be used as a credit to use to purchase / contribute towards a future ticketing product.

I have been given a season ticket as a gift, or someone else pays for my season ticket. Can I ask for a refund to my bank account? Refunds will be processed to the card you have as your ‘saved card’ in your online ticket profile.

It is your choice which card is used.

I have been asked to pay more for my season ticket on renewal - why is this the case? Your season ticket may be more because you could have changed age and pricing category - for example, a child turning 10 years old over lockdown.

If so, the difference would need to be settled by card payment.

I am due to move to a less expensive senior or concession pricing this season and my OnAccount balance acculmulated from last season will leave a surplus once I have renewed, will this be automatically refunded to my payment card? No - the amount will be visible on your account and you can choose to leave it there to use for another match prodcut.

You can also request the surplus monies to be refund to the payment card.

How do I know my seat is renewed? Please check your email inbox for a confirmation email. You will also need to check your junk/trash folder, just incase the email has gone there instead of your inbox.

How do I get in contact with you?

When can I come to the ticket office?

The ticket office re-opens on Monday, April 19.

However, our team are still working as normal and can be reached by the following email addresses:

In periods of high demand, such as now, we would ask that you first consult our website information sections under the ticketing sections to check your question has not been answered there.

After that, we would welcome an email enquiry. To make sure we can resolve the issue as soon as possible, please provide the full name/s and Clarets Number/s of those you are enquiring on behalf of and a full, detailed explanation of your query (with screenshots of the issue where possible).

Can I just call you? You can call us on 01282 446800, and select option 2 or 3. One phonelines are open from Monday - Friday, between 10am and 4pm.

We would ask that you do take the steps outlined on our website first of all and then follow up with a call if your query isn’t resolved by the email response.

Our phonelines and emails are currently extremely busy, so we please ask for your patience when waiting for the response to a question.

We once again thank you for your support.


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