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Fitlion: Our New Official Nutrition Partner

26 September 2018

Burnley FC proud to announce FitLion as Official Nutrition Partner

Fitlion is truly proud to be the Official Nutrition Partner of Burnley FC to help their players achieve their rigorous fitness and nutritional goals.

As a health and fitness-focused e-commerce platform, this timely move will further enhance Fitlion’s positioning to showcase the numerous homegrown health and fitness partners and their innovative, high-quality products to an international audience.

This partnership strongly demonstrates the trust and confidence that Burnley places on Fitlion as the ultimate fitness, health and wellness one-stop e-shop for everyone - from sports professionals and fitness enthusiasts to the ordinary person on the street looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“This milestone collaboration marks Fitlion's official entry into the international fitness and health retail scene, with our international delivery options now activated to meet the demands of customers in Europe and the rest of the world," said Fitlion Marketing Director Lynda Lee.

Moreover, it had been noted that approximately 60% of viewership for the English
Premier League come from Asia.

Hence, this strategic partnership will also increase Fitlion’s footprint into the wider Asian fitness and health market.

“We are pleased to begin a new relationship with Fitlion,” added Clarets boss Sean Dyche.

“High-quality nutrition has a big part to play in allowing the players to be the best they can for every game whether it be for health, recovery or performance.

"Teaming up with Fitlion as our official nutrition partner will give us the opportunity to continue to add the necessary quality and detail in this very important area and we are looking forward to working with them and progressing together over the next few years.”

Mark Howard, Burnley FC’s Head of Performance Nutrition, added: ”We are delighted to be teaming up with Fitlion.

"After initial meetings it is clear that they are an ambitious company and share the high standards and proactive approach that we do.

"This will allow us to work hard together to improve in all of the specific areas of nutrition, health and fitness that Fitlion offer.

"Nutritional support is a massive part of our programme and the high-quality products that Fitlion will be supplying us will allow us to appropriately complement many of our key sports science programmes, specifically our strength training, recovery, health, and football and pitch-based fitness.”

This strategic partnership heralds the start of a new relationship between Fitlion and Burnley FC that is targeted to grow in the next few years, to include research and development collaborations for new health and fitness products.

“We are excited to be part of this new relationship and we look forward to working
closely with the Burnley FC team in future collaborations,” said Lee.

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