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Barnfield Training Centre Update: June 2016

2 June 2016

An update and new gallery of the work being undertaken at the training ground

The Barnfield Training Centre continues to undergo a £10.6m transformation this summer.

Work is well underway to complete the new building, linked to an adjoining new 60m x 40m indoor facility, which will provide first class facilities for the first team, development squad and youth team players, under one roof, for the first time.

The development of the 73,000 m2 area also includes new pitches, which are also under construction.

The site is due to open in the summer of 2017.

We caught up with Stadium and Operations Manager Doug Metcalfe for an update on the build in June, 2016.

Doug explained: “There are some critical milestones within the building programme on projects such as this, and the next one is to make the building watertight.

“We anticipate this stage will be achieved by the end of June.

“At that point we can work internally and begin to carry out the first and second fit works.

“Pleasingly, we’re ahead of programme at the moment, with excellent progress being made by the contractor, Barnfield Construction Limited.

“The internal layout is now becoming evident with the stud walls inside the first floor of the accommodation block being erected.

“It’s important to say that what you see from the outside at present is not how the building will look once it’s complete.

“The external walls of the indoor playing arena will be clad with a cedar timber boarding and the smaller accommodation wing will have a stone clad fascia appearance, with all material finishes specified to complement the local environment. This material design was obviously part of the rigorous planning consent.”

Inside the new indoor playing arena

The accommodation block

On the plans below, and following promotion, the pitch closest to the build will now be included to the highest possible standard, while the two smaller pitches (top, centre) will also be constructed as part of the Academy improvements.

Click on map for larger version

Doug explained: “Securing promotion to the Premier League gave us the opportunity to continue with the pitch construction programme, forming part of the overall masterplan.

“We have commissioned the contractors, J Mallinson of Ormskirk, to provide the third, full-size Desso pitch, which will be undersoil heated, providing an all-year round facility for the first team.

“The first team will then rotate around the three pitches closest to the main building, and whereas we’ve had to previously use the stadium pitch in inclement weather, the heated pitch will mean we can remain on-site all year round.

“Work on this phase is scheduled to start this week and will be the final piece of the playing surface plan for the site, along with two three-quarter sized pitches, which will be used along with the other pitches to the right of the site by the Academy as part of the EPPP requirements.

“Hopefully, they will all be complete by the end of this year.

“Then, of course, there’s the existing top pitch, which remain available for use, and which will be floodlit along with the adjoining 3G.”

Watch out for more updates as the build at the Barnfield Training Centre continues…

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