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Vote For Burnley FC In The Community!

11 May 2015

Burnley FC in the Community and Burnley-based Financial Affairs have teamed up and submitted a bid to the Aviva Community Fund that could be worth up to £25,000 to primary schools in Burnley and Pendle!

The bid, if successful, will see Burnley FC in the Community implement the Premier League Reading Stars programme to 50 of the lowest attaining primary schools in Burnley and Pendle. This programme – a reading intervention scheme – uses the theme of football to engage and inspire children to read. 2014 statistics showed that Premier League Reading Stars improved children’s reading ages by 6 months. If granted, this funding of up to £25,000 could reach 1600 pupils in our local area, improving reading ages by 6 months or more and, in some cases, by more than 12 months.

The Aviva Community Fund works on a voting system. The projects with the most votes will become finalists – these projects will then go on to be assessed by a judging panel.

Please help us secure this amazing opportunity for children in our communities by registering your vote today! All those who register get 10 votes each and they can ALL be used for our project! Voting closes at the end of this month.

To register, click here:

To view the project, click here:

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