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Dyche Defends Spending Policy

14 May 2015

Sean Dyche today (Thursday) answered criticism that the club did not spend more heavily to increase their chances of Premier League survival.

The Clarets boss insisted it was “hypocritical” of some to suggest Burnley abandon their careful financial approach in the top flight.

And Dyche vowed he would not put the future of the club in jeopardy or “throw it under a bus”.

He said: “Money can help and it does in most walks of life, but it can’t conquer everything.

“We will learn from the experience and there is bound to be a debate about finance because most of football, particularly at the top level, is based around it.

“But I can’t make it any clearer: there are clubs in this country who are hundreds of millions in debt.

“This club has decided not to go down that road, and yet is still being heavily questioned – criticised even, including myself – for not spending enough that could have ruined the club.

“It’s a bizarre state of affairs when you think about it because everyone is saying football should clean itself up.

“We have attempted to do run this in the right manner and still be productive and progressive. It hasn’t quite worked, but still we’re questioned on why didn’t we spend the money.

“There is a balance to that and I think it’s quite ironic and almost hypocritical to sit there and say that when other clubs, who I am not going to name, are in all kinds of financial trouble.

“Would I want that on my CV as a young aspiring manager who wants to do whatever he can in the game? No, I wouldn’t.

“We have built a club and I don’t want to throw it under a bus.”

Dyche, who insisted planning was already well underway for next season on and off the pitch, added: “I think there has been a lot of honesty in how I, my players and the club work.

“The Board were not trying to hoard away all the finance. There are massive changes at the stadium and training ground that cost a lot of money and we still wanted to be competitive, which we have been.

“Of course, we still want to be in the Premier League, but I have said it all along. People kind of construe it as being ‘well, they should have given you £3m’ but it’s not a £3m market.

“Clubs coming into this league have spent multi-millions of pounds and this club just can’t afford to do it because the owners are wealthy, but they are not just going to write off tens of millions.

“They can’t afford to, and the club certainly can’t afford to. There has to be a reality.

“Would we have liked more investment?

“Any manager in football would like it, but there has to be a balance for the club to be safe, secure and build and that is the balance we have found.”




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