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Education Philosophy

10 June 2015

Burnley Football Club acknowledges their responsibility for all young people in the Academy and Youth Development Department. Every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential both personally and educationally.

Children learn when they are happy, feel comfortable in their surroundings and have full confidence and trust in a teacher/coach who genuinely cares for their development.

Burnley Football Club believes that children are enthused by an enthusiastic and child-centred approach to teaching and learning. A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love of learning.

Burnley Football Clubs main aim is to produce professional footballers. However, encouraging elite footballers to continue their education to the highest level is paramount in raising self-esteem levels. Individual educational programmes should be tailored to meet individual needs with progress being monitored by mentoring and assessments. Within the Academy, progress will be monitored by regular contact with schools and support offered for each individual.

These beliefs and principles underpin both the formal and informal educational programmes of the Academy.

Informal education within the Academy is implicit in all aspects of club life. All boys are encouraged to talk about what happens in their lives with regard to football so that they can handle their feelings and think about what to do next. Burnley Football Club organises an enrichment programme from the Pre-Academy to the Scholarship level which enables each individual to develop their full potential. The values and behaviours are required for co-operation in order to encourage friendship, support, interests deepened and changes made.

The informal education relates to the core values of our philosophy which includes the collective goals of working for the wellbeing of all, respecting the unique value and dignity of each person.

An informal educational programme is produced for each phase and reviewed annually.

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