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Coaches Code Of Conduct

10 June 2015

The following codes of conduct are designed to secure the well-being of all concerned at the ACADEMY, particularly the player. he needs to feel safe and happy and the parents have confidence in their childs mentors.


The Academy is at the forefront of providing a high standard of coaching and well being for players. It is essential that these standards are maintained and wherever possible improved. Coaches are the key to the establishment of ethics in football. Their concepts of ethics and their attitude directly affect the behaviour of players under their supervision. Coaches are, therefore, expected to pay particular attention to the moral aspects of their conduct. Coaches have to be aware that most of their everyday actions and decisions have ethical implications.

It is natural that winning constitutes a basic concern for coaches, and this code of conduct is not intended to conflict with that. However, the club expects coaches to disassociate them from a ‘win at all costs’ mentality. More and more coaches are having to accept increased responsibility involved in coaching young people where health, safety, welfare and moral standards are paramount. They have priority over the reputation or the achievement of the player, parent, coach, club or school. The following standards must be maintained in line with those set out by the F.A.C.A.


            1.The rights, dignity, and worth of each and every person must be treated with respect.

            2.Each person must be treated equally within the context of the sport.

            3.The well being and safety has the foremost priority, even above performance development.

            4.Working relationships with individual players must be based on mutual trust and respect.

            5.Do not exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward.

            6.Players must be encouraged and guided to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.

            7.Ensure that any activity is appropriate for the age, maturity, experience and ability of the player.

            8.Clarify with the parents what they expect of the player and equally what the players expect of the coaches.

Whenever necessary, for the best interest of the player, cooperate with other coaches, officials, sports scientists, physiotherapists etc.

At all times promote the positive aspects of the game, never condone violations of the Laws of the Game, and use neither prohibitive substances nor any behaviourable activity that would hinder his development.

         11.High standards of behaviour and appearance must be displayed at all times.

         12.Inappropriate language must not be tolerated by coach or player.


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