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Dyche Looks To Push Boundaries For Signings

21 August 2015

Sean Dyche has moved to clarify Burnley’s position in the transfer market by insisting he is pushing boundaries to make “big signings”

The Burnley boss insists he is fully backed by the Board in his attempts to strengthen the squad before the transfer window closes on September 1.

Dyche insists he has a list of targets he is steadfastly sticking to, and insists there are “no limits” to how many more faces he is looking to add.

He said: “I try to speak factually, as I always do. There is never an angle to my words, and I must make it clear to all the fans that we are looking to spend as much money as we can.

“I have never denied that. We are operating with situations that will push our boundaries, there is no two ways about it.

“But the more the market gets pushed higher by deals elsewhere, the higher the prices go.

“The hardest balance this club has found - and that’s because we have a Board of Directors who have to work with me about what we can achieve in the market - is how competitive you want to be.

“It has to be competitive enough, but it also has to suit the club you are at. If it doesn’t, guess what? Trouble!

“Whether it’s the contract or the fees, one has to give. We are not a club powerful enough to do both.

“So if we sign a player for a very big fee, you can be sure the contract fits into this club’s model. If it’s not, we might have to use the model wisely to pay the player, but we can’t have both.

“Some clubs still have the ability in the Championship to pay both big fees and big contracts.

“I saw that (Middlesbrough manager) Aitor Karanka responded to my words and he’s right because we are looking to spend money.

“I have full respect as to how he and Paul Clement at Derby are trying to do business. They are young managers at very good football clubs, so I must make that clear because before you know it, it weirdly escalates into something that was actually nothing, other than a factual observation of the market.”

Dyche admitted he is working to a firm list of targets, along with Sporting Director Frank McParland.

He added: “You have your list of players, but you can’t sign them all and what happens when your list runs out?

“That has happened to me before and some go for different reasons, usually money.

“But there are enough names on our list to still be productive in the market, and there are some we have been on with for a long, long time.

“I do tend to stick with my targets and the club back me in that.

“It does flex and change, of course, and there has to be a balance to how the club works and I make it clear again, we are actively in the market and I don’t mean at a very little level.

“We are actively trying to look for big signings and if it needs big money, the club will back it.

“Of course, there’s a limit, but we have made signings already and we will make more, as and when they are needed and we’re attempting to do so.

“That kind of gets lost in suggestions that we are trying to keep the money back. I’m not and neither are the club.

“We have an amount of money that safeguards the club and we have brought money in from transfers.

“At the minute we are actually in front of the game, but that’s not the point.

“The point is we have money to spend and it just can’t be an open amount. There has to be a limit for the club, whether it’s contractual of a fee; there has to be a balance.”

Dyche, who has signed four first team and five Development Squad players already this summer, added: “Jose Mourinho recently said something to the effect of ‘the market is what it is and you make a decision whether you want to get in it, or stay out.’

“There seem to be no rules to player trading, because each time you set a benchmark, someone comes along and blows it out of the water, and that raises everything.

“But as Mourinho rightly said, you either get in and do your business, or you don’t. That’s a clear decision, and we have done some business and we are still active.

“We need to make more additions and there are situations that we have opened up, and we think there are strong possibilities of those situations becoming realities.”

Dyche, speaking at his weekly press conference ahead of Saturday’s home game against Brentford, added: “The hardest side of the market is we are not the only ones looking at those players.

“Then it comes down to finance, then appropriate finance, then availability.

“We want to move this club forward and the Board want to move the club forward. We want to put bums on seats through winning and through good signings.

“We’ve had a good few years, but the market is tough and hopefully there will be situations that arise that will surprise people how far we will go into the market. We shall see.

“There are no limits. Sometimes situations open where you sign someone and a target you have been in for becomes available again.

“That doesn’t stop you and we will sign players. Because we are on a better financial footing, we’ve signed three centre forwards.

“It doesn’t matter is a fourth becomes available. If we think it’s right, we will go and sign him.

“It stands to reason that with centre forwards you can never have enough. In my first season here we had two recognised, but now if we have four, five or six you can never have enough in a deep squad.”

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