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Clarets Squad Give New Beds The Sealy Of Approval

9 May 2014

A special partnership with Sealy Beds helped the Clarets seal their promotion to the Premier League.

The successful Burnley squad spent several months trialling the very latest advancement in sleep technology… the Sealy Hybrid bed, which combines a newly developed, unique fusion of memory foam with a new elasticised gel which creates Geltex, offering all the benefits and support of memory foam but with added springability for maximum comfort. 

And Burnley FC Head of Sports Science, Mark Howard, feels the partnership with Sealy helped the players’ preparations for what ultimately became a magnificent end to the season.

Mark said: “We all lead such busy lives these days that getting a good night’s sleep tends to slip down the agenda, but just as exercise and nutrition are essential for good health, so is sleep. 

“The quality of our sleep directly affects the quality of our daily lives, including mental sharpness, productivity, emotional balance, creativity, energy, and even our weight. 

“No other activity delivers so many benefits with so little effort!  As far as the footballers under my care are concerned, ensuring they get plenty of sleep, especially before a match, is crucial.”

Mark added: “The temperature, support and comfort of your bed is so important. When we sleep our body and brain don’t actually shut off. 

“We have light sleep phases and deeper ones.  While we sleep in the deeper phases at night, our brain stays busy, overseeing an internal maintenance schedule that keeps us running in top condition. 

“This helps the body repair itself and build energy for the day ahead - our muscles and tissues recover, our immune system gets a boost and all the information we have absorbed during the day gets consolidated in our memory.

“Without enough hours of this type of restorative sleep, we won’t function, work, learn, create, and communicate at an effective level; and, as far as sports people are concerned, they certainly won’t perform at their peak level.

“These brand new beds from Sealy have been great and the guys in the team love them….and so do I if I know they are getting a really good night’s sleep!”

Sealy are the world’s biggest bed company and a Sealy bed is sold somewhere in the world every three seconds.

The company is renowned for being global leaders in the field of sleep technology development.

Visit to see all the latest innovations and technology available in Sealy’s beds and mattresses or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @SealyUK

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