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‘Vaping’ at Turf Moor

24 October 2013

For all future games, and in conjunction with club sponsors Totally Wicked, the entire Bob Lord Stand concourse has been designated a ‘vape’ friendly area, where the use of e-cigarettes is permitted.

Burnley Football Club will also have e-cigarettes on sale within the kiosks of the stand, and in the Clarets Store.

This is the first stage of Burnley FC’s implementation of an e-cigarette policy at the ground and we believe this to be the first formal e-cigarette policy implemented by a football club.

The aim is to extend this to other areas of the stadium for forthcoming games.

The e-cigarette policy, at present, allows the use of e-cigarettes in the concourses only and not in the seating area of the stands, in accordance with Burnley Football Club ground regulations and procedures.

Turf Moor remains a no-smoking environment and any person found smoking within the stadium will be dealt with under the ground regulations. 

Burnley FC e-Cigarette Policy Guidelines
Whilst smoking is becoming less acceptable in society, and with the introduction of the smoke-free provisions of the Health Act 2006, the use of Electronic Cigarettes is becoming more popular.
e-Cigarettes and use of Electronic Cigarettes is legal and not restricted in the UK. 

e-Cigarettes are exempt from the UK Health Act 2006 as they do not contain tobacco or produce smoke and therefore do not offer any risk of inhalation of second-hand smoke. 

It is, however, not a smoking cessation device but a recreational nicotine device and is sold as such. 

Sale of E-Cigarettes
E-cigarettes are now on sale in the stadium in various locations.

They are sold along the following guidelines:-
• Items sold as a tobacco alternative must display the appropriate warning sign (Hazard Warning Information on the packaging for supply), in line with CHiP Regulations 2002.
• Must not be sold to any person who is or appears to be under 18 years old.
• Must not be advertised in a manner which is appealing to children.
• Must not be promoted as a smoking cessation device.
• e-Cigarettes supplied by the approved supplier, Totally Wicked, are only to be sold in the stadium on proof that the product has been manufactured and tested to comply with all current safety legislation.

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