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Burnley Football Club - Player Appearances

Burnley Football Club has a commitment to supporting local community organisations and events. In recent years the club has been inundated with requests for player appearances. 

We aim to maximise these appearances by, wherever possible, tailoring players' chosen charities and general interests to all requests.  

However, due to the sheer volume, we are unable to fulfill all requests.  

We therefore ask that organisations carefully read the following policy before submitting the attached Player Appearance Form.




Only requests via the official website request form, or letters will be considered. NO verbal requests or emails will be considered. 

At least four weeks’ notice is required. 

Player appearances should complement the event, not form the main focus of it.

Players will ONLY attend events within a 5-mile radius of Turf Moor, and a 5-mile radius of Barnfield Training Centre, with a maximum duration of 1 hour.

Requests will be assessed according to strict player availability. Therefore, NO appearances will be granted as follows: 

• Before 2pm on a training day. 

• 24 hours before a match. 

• 24 hours following a game. 

• On travel days (day before away games). 

• On Wednesdays (players' day off ahead of Saturday game) or Sundays. 

• During international breaks.

NO appearances will be considered outside of the football season (from the date of the last game of the season until they return for pre-season training).

When considering player requests, please note there must be NO activities with a risk of injury.

When looking to request a player appearance, preference will be given too;

• Local Grass Roots Football Clubs.

• Registered charitable organisations (priority will be given to charities operating in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale).

• Schools and educational organisations who are current partners of Burnley FC in the Community

However, support from the players will not be granted in the following circumstances;

• Existing activities and repeat or regular events included those we have supported before (unless it is more than 12 months since the activity took place or the beneficiaries of the activity have changed).

• Appearances involving political or religious activities.

• Appearances to fund the purchase of used vehicles.

• Appearances supporting fundraising for routine repairs or maintenance.

• Appearances linked with the costs associated with the provision of medical treatments which are in trial stages.

If successful, the player will usually be confirmed the week prior to the event. We regret we are unable to confirm ahead of this time, as unforeseen circumstances may occur. If an event has to be rescheduled and the original player can no longer attend, an alternative player will be provided. 

Please return all completed forms to: 

Laura Bland 
Company Secretary 
Burnley FC in the Community
Turf Moor
Harry Potts Way 
BB10 4BX