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Evergreen | Third Kit

How to look after your Evergreen tree after collecting it from Turf Moor

Thank you for collecting an Evergreen Tree, on this page you will find useful information on looking after your tree. 


You will have picked up one of nine species on offer at Turf Moor, see more information below:


Wild Wood Tree Pack

These hardy native species can tolerate exposed sites and help dry up areas where water collects easily. Trees absorb water and their roots break up soil to help water penetrate the ground more deeply and slow surface water run-off. 

Estimate full grown height: 

  • Goat willow: 6-10m
  • Crab apple: 7-9m
  • Hazel: +10m
  • Holly: 15m
  • Hawthorn: 15m

Wildlife Tree Pack

Just one fully grown oak tree supports a thousand other species so imagine how much difference you’ll make planting all these trees! Establish food sources for woodland wildlife and create a living legacy for future generations with these trees. 

Estimate full grown height:  

  • Blackthorn: 6-7m
  • Rowan: 8-15m
  • Silver birch: 15-20m
  • English oak: 20-40m



Size and growth: These trees are cell-grown saplings, ranging from approximately 15cm-60cm in height. Cell grown trees can be planted all year round in most situations as long as they are given the correct care. Please be aware that depending upon the time of year you receive your sapling (particularly early spring) it may not look very perky upon arrival, please do not worry once it has been planted it should pick up quickly. 

UK sourced and grown: Every sapling provided is UK sourced and grown to minimise the risk of importing and spreading tree pests and diseases.