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Season Tickets 14/15


08:30 1st August 2014

2014/15 season tickets remain on general sale, with a limit of 15,000 available.

And to add further value to your season ticket, the Board of Directors is delighted to announce that 2015/2016 Early Bird renewal prices will again be frozen (all prices outlined below).

This means you could buy an Adult Early Bird Season ticket for as little as £229 and be watching Premier League football in the 2015/2016 season for as little as £12 per game!

Clarets Co-Chairman Mike Garlick said: “Explaining now to supporters that we are freezing the 2015/2016 renewal prices will hopefully take out a lot of the uncertainty about pricing for the future.

“Our determination is always to make sure that season ticket holders receive the best value for their continued commitment."

SEASON TICKET PRICES 2014/15 & 2015/16

Season Tickets prices 2014_15 and 2015_16

Please note, Zebra Finance is no longer available when purchasing 2014/15 season tickets.

In person: At the ticket office.

By phone: On 0871 221 1914 (opt 1)

Online: at

By post: Post your method of payment back to us at Ticket Office, Burnley Football Club, Turf Moor, Burnley, Lancs, BB10 4BX. 


As a result of recent confusion over 2014/2015 Season Ticket prices, here are some regularly asked questions which we have provided answers for -


When did the Early Bird Prices end and standard prices begin?

Earlybird 2014/2015 season ticket packages were launched on sale in December 2013, allowing the club for the first time to offer a 12 month direct debit scheme, and had a deadline for renewal/purchase of 31st March, 2014. Standard 2014/2015 season ticket packages went on sale on 13/05/2014 and will continue to be available until kick off of the new 2014/2015 Premier League Season.


Why has the price of season tickets increased since the Early Bird period?

Purchasing an Early Bird season ticket allowed fans to benefit from the cheapest possible season tickets on offer (£329-£455 renewal prices for the 2014/2015 season). Now that the club has confirmed Premier League football for the 2014/2015 season, prices have been set to what we believe is a competitive Premier League level, ranging from £499-£685 depending on where you sit in the stadium.


Is this price increase likely to be in place next season?

No. We want to encourage some of the 5,000+ fans who only purchased tickets to the 2009/2010 Premier League season to keep coming to Turf Moor. What we are striving to achieve is for anyone purchasing a 2014/2015 standard season ticket and then renewing in the 2015/2016 to receive two seasons of Premier League football for fantastic value for money.


Early Bird purchasers receive a discounted renewal/purchase price every year. If I purchase a standard 2014/2015 season ticket do I receive a substantially discounted price for the 2015/2016 season ticket?

Yes. By paying for a standard priced 2014/2015 season ticket you automatically become eligible for the 2015/2016 Early Bird season ticket price. These are frozen at 2014/15 prices. On top of that, for showing loyalty and renewing for the 2015/2016 season, you can also use your £100 voucher to further reduce the cost of your Early Bird renewal for a 2015/2016 season ticket.


I renewed/purchased a 2014/2015 season ticket in the Early Bird period before 31st March. Will I receive £100 voucher?

No. As an Early Bird season ticket holder you are already eligible for the Early Bird renewal price for the 2015/2016 season ticket. £100 vouchers will only be available for those fans purchasing a standard 2014/2015 season ticket from 13/05/2014 until kick off of the new season.


If I purchase a 2014/2015 season ticket for me and my child, what happens in the Early Bird renewal period for 2015/2016, given their prices are either free (U10) or cost £50 (U12)?

You would still receive two £100 vouchers (one per season ticket), which can be redeemed against your adult Early Bird renewal season ticket price. Please note: This is only applicable in situations where the child and adult are both renewing for the 2015/2016 season.

Are under 12 prices available in all areas of the ground?

Unfortunately not. The U12 price quoted is only available in the Family Stand area (Jimmy McIlroy Upper). In all other areas of the ground the lowest age group available is U18.

Do I have to pay for my 2014/2015 Standard season ticket up front?

No, we have set up two monthly direct debt schemes to spread the cost of your season ticket. There is a three month and a six month option available. Application forms for the monthly direct debit scheme can be found above.


Is it worth me buying a 2014/2015 season ticket or ‘walking-on’?

It is entirely your choice. By purchasing a 2014/2015 standard season ticket you not only guarantee your seat for 19 Premier League home matches at Turf Moor, but also make yourself eligible for a 2015/2016 Early Bird season ticket, which has significantly lower prices as well as £100 deducted from this cost in the form of your voucher. Over a two-season period we truly feel a season ticket is the best value for money for any fan who can attend Turf Moor regularly.

EXAMPLE: Based on a fan purchasing a 2014/2015 season ticket in the Jimmy McIlroy Lower Stand*

Jimmy McIlroy Lower 2014/2015 season ticket = £499

2014/2015 earlybird renewal price used as indication of potential 2015/2016 earlybird renewal price = £329

Cost to fan. 2014/2015 Season Ticket = £499

2015/2016 Season Ticket = £229

*Prices are subject to change

For all queries, please email


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